Thursday, December 17, 2020

December Virtual "Open Readings"

This is being posted just in time for the Winter Holidays, 2020. I give thanks to all the folks who have participated either as audience or as featured readers in our Cholla Needles Zoom Shelter-In-Place readings. Though I miss our live meetings tremendously, I can still give thanks that we have found a meeting alternative & we can continue building each other up. Enjoy the videos below! I give thanks to the over 175 videos that have been posted on our many Shelter-In-Place pages posted so far in 2020. As always, if you are browsing our pages, we consider YOU a part of our family and you are welcome to become part of our Shelter-In-Place video pages. Simply contact us at editor (@)* & ask how to get your videos posted on our pages. You can also use this address to send us your poetry, short stories, essays, and art for publication in our monthly magazine. [*for web newbies - when sending emails leave out the spaces & parenthesis when writing the email address].

Good Times!!! Enjoy the videos:

Steve Braff - Hanukkah Blessing

r soos composition Advent Meditation 1

Romaine Washington - Time Transfusion

Lauren Henley and Zara Kand
discuss & read from
"From the moon, as I fell"
on The Desert Split Open Webcast

Lisa Mednick Powell and Miri Hunter sing Give The Guns To The Girls

Kurt Schauppner reads One Sunday Morning

Noreen Lawlor reads When Asked

Kendall Johnson reads Four Poems from A Whole Lot'a Shakin'
Ginny Short reads Inter Lupine et Canine

John Sierpinski reads Light Night Hotel HBO

Francene Kaplan reads from Dogmander Pt I

Allyson Jeffredo reads from Even Gods

Don MacQueen reads Break

Tamara Hattis reads Three Poems from Colors of My Pain

Hayley McCullough reads Self-Examination

r soos composition Advent Meditation 2

Romaine Washington reads Resignation

L.I. Henley & Zara Kand
sharing a portion of their book:
"From the moon, as I fell"

Miri Hunter and Lisa Mednick Powell sing I'm So Glad

Kurt Schauppner reads
Five Haiku About Home

Noreen Lawlor reads Mojave Haibun
Kendall Johnson explains his writing process

Ginny Short reads Is That Love

John Sierpinski reads Inopportune Times

Francene Kaplan reads from Dogmander Pt II

Allyson Jeffredo reads from
Songs After Memory Fractures

Don MacQueen reads Last Letter from Yuma

Tamara Hattis reads This Is Not A Test

Hayley McCullogh reads Intentions

r soos composition Advent Meditation 3

Romaine Washington reads Mapping Home

L. I. Henley & Zara Kand
discussing their book
"From the moon, as I fell" Pt 1

L. I. Henley & Zara Kand
discussing their book
"From the moon, as I fell" Pt 2

Mark T Evans reads Sunflowers Of A Andaluz

Kurt Schauppner reads For Ed

Noreen Lawlor reads Hung With Silence

Kendall Johnson reads Elegy In White

Ginny Short reads A History of Trauma

John Sierpinski reads Family Reunion
Francene Kaplan reads from Dogmander Pt III

Allyson Jeffredo reads Did No One Ever Tell You The World is Full of Ghosts

Don MacQueen reads
Poet's Reply to "and what do you do?"

Tamara Hattis reads Eye Shadow Trio

Brian Beatty reads Hobo Radio

See you again in January!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2020

New Book! The Weston Poems by Simon Perchik

I can't breathe, the tub
half coffin, half rust
--once inside the shower

its fragile spray takes hold
tighter and tighter till the rain
can't wait :winds

are nothing new here
though I can break loose
untied, reborn, cleaned

the way this spider was paired
with the Earth, crawling closer
while the sun waits

stuck to the bottom
trapped by the black dot
it warms and escapes

only as morning, one strand
surrounded by dew
and the others.

Simon Perchik, an attorney, was born 1923 in Paterson, NJ and educated at New York University (BA English, LLB Law). His poems have appeared in various literary journals including Cholla Needles, Partisan Review, Poetry, The Nation, and The New Yorker.

Click here for purchase information ($10)


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December Issue Released! Cholla Needles 48 =:-)


The featured authors in this issue are:

Sonya Wohletz
Christien Gholson
Maura Atwood
Jeremy Szuder
Dave Maresh
Edward L. Canavan
R Mason McElvain
Mitchell K. Grabois
Malathi Maithri
Michael G. Vail
Robert DeLoyd

cover & interior art by Jeremy Szuder

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