Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Young Writer's Edition! Issue 4

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Issue 4 Authors:
Brianna Robertson, Grade 9 
Brendyn Godley, Grade 9
Dakota Lazaovitz, Grade 9
David Gessaman, Grade 9
Dillon Lovejoy, Grade 10
Evalynn Large, Grade 9 
Haley Perkins, Grade 9
Jack Melvin, Grade 9
Jaren Pendergrass, Grade 10
JJ Frederick, Grade 7
Jonathan Brake, Grade 9
Josiah Fontillas, Grade 10
Maile Long, Grade 9
Max Hart, Grade 10
Rebekah Billings, Grade 9
Seth Nazario, Grade 9

I love this collection of poems. While reading these works I grinned, I laughed, I found tears forming, and I learned with joy that young people can communicate deep personal truths to an old poet. I respect that each writer in these pages is truly seeking to share their deepest feelings with others using their own style and methodology. I am thrilled to find sports poems, poems on faith, poems on love, poems on grief, and food poems. I am intrigued that the predictable school age poem about cafeteria food is nowhere to be found. I am proud to know that there is a vibrant interest in language among the youth in our area and they have the understanding that sharing their innermost selves will aide others in their search for words to express the life we all travel through. To the young writers - I thank each of you for making my life all the better for having read your words. 

I must also take too small a space in this issue to sincerely thank my co-editor, Stephanie Sherman, for teaching these young folk about Emily, Walt, and Edgar; daring to show how each of our famous poets had their own method of communication, and challenging her students to develop their own voices. I also thank her for being so willing to encourage her students to be a part of the poetic movement which thrives in the Morongo Basin area. I contacted many area teachers and schools, and Mrs. Sherman was willing to take a few minutes of class time to let her students learn and become a part of the vibrant creative atmosphere that is unique to our region. 

r soos

Monday, April 17, 2017

Don't Sit On A Cholla! Issue 3

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A great cast of writers and artists:

Greg Gilbert
Penelope Sitter
Doug Nichols
Christine Stevens
Anita Harmon
Zara Kand
Sarah Soos
Nancy Campbell
Jean-Paul Garnier
Blake Leonhardt

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Writers and Artists Gather!

We gathered on April Fools Day, 2017 at Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree. Music, readings, and a great time getting to know each other. Thanks to Jean-Paul & Zara for sharing your space, cookies, and coffee! We had a great time! Thank you!!!

Top photo by Robert DeLoyd. 
Photo of Giovanni reading by Tami Woods. 
Artwork for Space Cowboy Books by Zara Kand. 
Photo of Maria reading "Poets" by r soos.