Wednesday, August 10, 2022

New Book! Selected Poems by Takuboku Ishikawa

every man I know
has a prisoner moaning
deep down in his heart

 - Takuboku Ishikawa -

    This book is a selection from Ishikawa's youthful poems, and a complete imagining into English of his final collection known in English as Grieving Playthings, Sad Toys, and more specifically Suffering Playthings. For over 100 years Ishikawa's work has been exciting for the modern reader because he was among the very first to bring the depths of his inner turmoil as a human being to life on the page.

      The beautiful cover art is by Zara Kand!

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New Book! lifetime after lifetimes by ayaz daryl nielsen

beloved Judith
wife and dearest companion
lifetime after lifetimes

ayaz daryl nielsen and his wife Judith have been the editors of bear creek haiku since 1991, and have published 25-30 authors each month for all these years. They are very close to having 200 issues under their belt. 

ayaz's own haiku and senryu give personal glimpses into a life well-lived, like the gentle poem above about his wife from which the title of this collection is taken. with his sharp eye, ayaz also explores nature, his grandkids, the neighbors, pets, and the world around him and allows readers in to enjoy this world with him.

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New Book! Trains of Thought by Sam Schraeger


I’m just gonna say what I gotta say, the way I want to say it and be done with it. But I will keep on going until I’m done so you’ll have to bear with me.

Someone once said, I know not where, that one moment in time can change your life forever. I would take it a step further and say in every life there are several moments in time that will change your life forever. Some are little things. Some are huge things and some are in-between things. Some are to be savored, like when you’re dealing with mental midgets and you come out on top.

Now, here is my fourth published book. I wrote this novella. The publisher had been telling me I should collect some of my earlier writings, and I saw this as a good opportunity to do so. While I thought to include some short stories and poems, he suggested adding some song lyrics to give my reader more bang for their buck. Okay, I thought, I can do that.

Thank you, my reader, for your kind attention. I hope you enjoy this. 
-Sam Schraeger

New Book! Vacancy / No Vacancy by John Sierpinski

The room we check into
is dark and dirty. They cut corners,
even replaced the heat lamp
in the bathroom

with a yellow light bulb.
Lynn says, Are you going to sit
on that filthy, old La-Z-Boy?
At this point, I don’t give a damn.

I’m exhausted,
drove another six hundred miles,
feeling like that OTR truck driver
falling asleep at the wheel.

- John Sierpinski -

New Book! Magic Mountain by David Chorlton

The deep earth doesn’t rhyme
with the saguaro. Memories sink down
until they are forgotten
and only
the coyotes find their way
to sanctuary on
the hottest days when the sky
into an evening
which is a one and only
in the now in which
the mountain is an eyelid
closing over time.

David Chorlton

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Open Poetry Reading August 7. 5-7 PM


Open Poetry Reading

August 7, 2022 5-7 PM

The Retreat Center Bookstore Stage
Bring a mask, a lawn chair,
and a free standing umbrella for comfort
as well as your own poetry to read!
Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend!

Sponsored by The Joshua Tree Folk School

Come early (open 7a.m. - 3 p.m.) and enjoy the
Joshua Tree Retreat Center Cafe/Restaurant
located at the large red dot on the map.


Monday, August 1, 2022

New Issue Released! Cholla Needles 68


The cover painting is by Jake Munns

The dynamic writing in this issue is by:

Cynthia Anderson
Toti O’Brien
Tobi Alfier
Margot Audrey Block
Marlene M. Tartaglione
Antonia Richards
James Marvelle
Brian Beatty
Rubén Darío
Kent Wilson
and Ishikawa Takuboku