Cholla Needles has an open poetry reading the second Sunday of every month to celebrate the publication of each issue. Mark your calendars and/or subscribe to our announcements by adding your email address on the small box to the right. Our goal is to allow everyone who shows up an opportunity to read, so please be cognizant of time restraints when selecting material to read. The open reading time is available to the entire community =:-)

In April each year year we will have open reading during the entire time. In November we will have special events to allow the public to purchase personalized signed books directly from the a local author. Perfect gift for holiday happenings! The other ten months we will have an featured reader for an extended amount of time in addition to the open reading! 

Special Note: Starting June 2019 - We will move our monthly readings to the third Sunday of each month.

We invite you to visit our on-line bookstore 
to stay updated on our newest releases. 

We encourage locals to visit 
Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley
Space Cowboy in Joshua Tree
Raven's Book Shoppe in Twenty-Nine Palms

See you at the monthly magazine release party and reading!!!