Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Planning ahead for 2019. . .

Your board members are coming up with many ideas to "pepper the world with poetry in the public" in 2019. We set up a fundraiser to gather seed funds for some of these projects. You are also welcome to share your ideas and dreams. Some ideas already "in the pepper pot" - a podcast of a poem by a local writer for each day during National Poetry Month, a poetry poster by a local writer placed in select public places (restaurants, bookstores) for a month, a special youth edition of cholla needles, writing workshops conducted locally to help new writers to flourish and grow, with dreams being added as I type. Click here to contribute to this worthy cause.  

Board members for 2019:

Greg Gilbert - Supervisor
Jean-Paul L. Garnier - President
Tobi Alfier - Vice-President
Lisa Mednick Powell - Secretary
Rich Soos - Treasurer

1 comment:

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