Sunday, February 24, 2019

Brian Beatty On Lorine Niedecker

Borrowed Trouble: Micro Tribute to Lorine Niedecker  (1903-1970)

I wouldn’t write at all if it weren’t for myriad writers before me whose works showed me what was possible. The poems of this series are small offerings of respect, of thanks, to those muses. – Brian Beatty

Lorine Niedecker

I once roused a wild 
turkey out of the woods  
behind that Burger King
on the edge of town.

Time stopped as we faced off 
in the drive-thru lane, both convinced 
the right of way belonged to us. 

I’m plenty aware how ridiculous 
this must sound.

But I was hungry.

– Brian Beatty

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  1. Some tributes are more abstracted than others. Niedecker likely would not have mentioned a Burger King drive-thru in her poems, but it's 2019 and that's where this stare-down occurred.


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