Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January Issue Released - Cholla Needles #37!

We begin our Journey through 2020 with issue 37! I have a real problem with the year, and don’t know why. Is it because I don’t have my Jetson’s helicopter car? It’s irrational, but the term 2020 seems like it’s still 100 years in the future to my pea-brain. And I guess that has to be okay cause there’s nuttin' I can do about it. - Rich

The beautiful cover and inner art this month 
is by the beautiful artist Susan Abbott.

The inspirational words and dreams within are by

Cynthia Anderson
Tim Robbins
Tobi Alfier
Simon Perchik
ayaz daryl nielsen
Mitchell K. Grabois
R. Mason McElvain
Robert Hirshfield
Bettina Barrett
Robert DeLoyd
Ernest Alois

This issue also contains photos from 

our wonderful Space Cowboy November Event 
featuring Miriam Sagan.

We encourage our neighbors to buy Cholla Needles books at 
Rainbow Stew, Space Cowboy, JT Coffee, and Raven's Books. 
Support our local distributors!

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