Sunday, April 12, 2020

Brian Beatty On Ted Berrigan

Borrowed Trouble: Micro Tribute to Ted Berrigan (1934-1983)

I wouldn’t write at all if it weren’t for myriad writers before me whose works showed me what was possible. The poems of this series are small offerings of respect, of thanks, to those muses. – Brian Beatty

At any given moment
skies above
the American Midwest
are filled
with decoys 
taking planes     places 
I’ve never been
so when
I hear their
I always look up and wave.

– Brian Beatty

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  2. It's ironic that folks would be social distancing to protect their health when my micro-tribute to the most social of the second generation New York School poets found its way online. It's an irony I believe Berrigan would appreciate.


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