Tuesday, October 20, 2020

October Virtual "Open Reading" for Issue 46

On October 18, 2020 eight of the poets in Issue 46, edited by Cynthia Anderson, came together in a private Zoom meeting with the intention of having all of you share in this adventure. A special shout-out to Bill Dahl for sharing this beautiful cover! As usual in Cholla world, we also will include videos sent in this month from others who live their creative life in the spirit of Cholla. The very first video is a special collaboration, and will be followed by eight of the poets from Issue 46, and after that, the script gets thrown out the window, and we'll open the floor up to YOU!!! As always, you are encouraged to submit your work via video and be included here. And you are also encouraged to submit work for our print issue. And now - enjoy!!!

Symbolist painter Zara Kand and poet LI Henley
read from their new chapbook: From the moon, as I fell.

Erica Goss reads Mojave Desert Notebook

John Brantingham reads Three Poems

Phil Taggart reads Three Mothra Poems

Penelope Moffet reads Birds and Water

Mary Fitzgerald reads Two Poems

Enid Osborn reads Two Poems

David Oliveira reads Misericordia

MaĆ­a - Vanishing

David Chorlton reads from After The Rainforest

John Sierpinski reads Leaving La Grange

Romaine Washington reads Incident In Blue

. . .more to come soon! Stay tuned. . .

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