Thursday, September 30, 2021

New Book! Dreams I've Held: Uncollected Poems (1943-1979) by Simon Perchik

This volume includes the full edition of Simon Perchik's very first book, The Bomber Moon, which was self-published in 1950, and is long out of print. Poems between 1943 & 1979 published in many literary magazines have also been collected, and appear in book form for the first time. These include The Lambert Castle Poems from 1943-49, two hundred and fifteen poems called "The "A" Poems, a set of five prose poems, and a rare long narrative poem entitled Misha's Funeral.

Simon Perchik, an attorney, was born 1923 in Paterson, NJ and educated at New York University (BA English, LLB Law). His poems have appeared in various literary journals including Cholla Needles, Partisan Review, Poetry, The Nation, and The New Yorker.

excerpt from A215:

I always walk in afternoons
when heat beats hard for me
and bangs the sides of grass
against the heat and me.

But then in the cool evening of my mind
I grip the moon's long hair
and braid the dreams I've held
with tears from everywhere.

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Click here to purchase Dreams I've Held online, 400 pages ($15) 

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