Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September Issue Released! Cholla Needles 57!


The cover and interior art is from JLG

powerful current literature by:

Bettina T. Barrett
John Sierpinski
Ernest Alois
Heather Morgan
Roger G. Singer
Caryn Davidson
Kent Wilson
Peter Jastermsky
Dave Eberhardt
Michael G. Vail
Jonathan B. Ferrini

Available locally at Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley
and Space Cowboy in Joshua Tree


  1. as one of the authors in the issue was hoping to read- but- there was no help to do so- no telling to time one- no zoom link- i conclude that poetry on social meias is pretty much bull shit

  2. thot i cld take part - all too complicted as to when and where- zoom link etc- was not help ful- any way you could asist wld ge grateful- dave mozedla9@comcast- not warm and fuzzy- more like NEEDLES- o well