Thursday, September 1, 2022

New Issue Released! Cholla Needles 69

You will find in this issue the many ways writers and artists use their imaginative characters to interact with community. The laundromat doubling as community center, mentors who bring out the gifts in children, service workers who impact the lives of everyone, families learning to survive, peer pressure and it’s impact on the community, a woman maturing, climbing with pain and living alone among us, and even a little discussed truth – the community that lives within each of us.

The wood art on the cover this month was created by Cheri and Kent Holmgren.

The creative writers in this issue are:
Cindy Weinstein
Kent Wilson
L. I. Henley
Gabriel Hart
Tobi Alfier
Peter Nash
Susan Rukeyser
Michael G. Vail
Marlene M. Tartaglione
and Jonathan Ferrini

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