Saturday, October 15, 2022

New Book! Sit Down And Have A Beer Again by Greg Wyss


The poems and stories that make up Sit Down and Have A Beer, the first chapter here, were in a chapbook published in 1977 by Realities Library. The stories and poems had been published in small press magazines impacting a small cadre of creatives in the country in those days.

The Small Press world of those days was the precursor to the internet – insane editors and publishers who believed that the established publications had simply lost touch with the creative reality of our nation. And, just like the internet, the small presses were eventually bought out by the rich folks who figured out the best way to beat them was to buy them out.

The second chapter of the book contains the other poems that were published in these mags but never collected till now.

The third chapter represents a small sample from 
When Life Was Like A Cucumber, the great novel about the early 1970’s that tells the story of a young man’s journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening as he tries to find his place in post-Sixties America. 


Greg Wyss Bio
As part of a generation shaped by the Vietnam War, drug culture and sexual revolution, beloved author, poet and entrepreneur Greg Wyss was well known in the small press world of the 1970’s. His poems and stories appeared in dozens of literary publications. A collection of his classic work 
Sit Down And Have A Beer was published in 1977 by Realities Library in San Diego, California.
A graduate of Northeastern University, Greg retired in 2015 to resume his writing career after the wireless communications company he co-founded was purchased by a competitor. Greg and his wife Barbara live in Houston, Texas.
Greg’s first novel, 
When Life Was Like A Cucumber, was published in 2019.

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