Wednesday, November 30, 2022

New Book! Inquire Within by Dave Maresh

Inquire Within is the fascinating new book of poetry by Dave Maresh. This is his third collection in six years and as readers we are always greatly thrilled by the fact that Dave continues to dig up new themes and images with his special blend of satirical humor. There's not many poets whose goal is to make you laugh with the world, and it's good for all of us that Dave has that unique ability.

Dave has written fifteen novels, four short stories, three children's stories, and is writing poetry nowadays. He likes open styles, free verse, mysteries and adaptations from real life. He has always been a writer.

Dave and his wife, Michelle, have travelled extensively through Europe, and have four beautiful grandchildren. He is also a private pilot, so now you know who is making all the noise over your head. His two previous books of poetry, a book that turned up one day (2018), and The Future Is Out To Get You (2020), along with five novels Garage Band, Jaegger In The Underworld, Penguins and Nazarenes, The National Argument, and Fixer Upper are all published by Cholla Needles Arts & Literary Library in Joshua Tree, California.


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