Wednesday, March 1, 2023

New Book! Our Gray City's Face by Fred Rosenblum


"Once again, and owing this time, to the inevitably eroding cognitive state we all face as we near the end of our days, my episodic recall has suffered a modicum of disorder, finding in what follows, a few chronological discrepancies as they relate to the time my wife and I spent raising a family in the seventies, eighties, & nineties in Anchorage, AK.

If you’ve read any of my previous (re)collections, you’re probably aware that my writing is almost entirely auto-biographical and I’ve remained true to that genre, in this, my fifth body of work, setting-out on the island of Maui in the uniquely lush and beautiful state of Hawaii (in 1973} and winding down 25 years later (in 1998), leaving Anchorage for the inconvenient distance it posed in attending to the needs of our aging parents at that time.

I wanted this body of work to be charged by my off-color sense of humor while concurrently bearing a factual quality—I remain hopeful the deafening peal won’t diminish what I initially set out to convey.

- Fred Rosenblum"

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