Wednesday, July 26, 2023

New Book! SharkHeads by Peter Nash


This is the story of my 9 year music business career. It includes my memories of these vinyl heroes and mentors who colored my world while I grew up inside the business:

Henry Stone, Music Biz Legend and boss
Milt Oshins: Boss and teacher of how to get it done
Jerry Wexler: Atlantic Records producer
Joe Galkin: Manager of Otis Redding
and ButterBall: Hero DJ and adviser

I also share stories of some of the stars I met along the way, including

Elvis Presley
BB King
James Brown
Led Zeppelin
Rod Stewart & the Faces
Aretha Franklin
Allman Brothers
Dr John the Night Tripper
Sam & Dave
Ike & Tina Turner
James Taylor
Van Morrison
President LBJ
Bill Cosby

Plus a few names that I was down front or backstage with…
The Doors at Dinner Key (No, he didn’t pull his winky out)
Otis Redding
Hendrix at Monterey Pop
Ike & Tina Turner
Diana Ross

And special thanks to Sir Rich and Cholla Needles. He’s a music cat and gets it done.

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- Peter Nash

Also by Peter Nash & Cholla Needles:


New to the desert floor I feared rattlers and scorpions and thorns and tripping over the uncertainty under foot. Instead of taking in eye-level views I perceived mystery and danger hidden in the shadows. I came from the east, the land of paved paths below and wires above.

In the desert deep shadows hid the unknown. And then I heard the piercing rattle of death and that did it. My eyes guided my feet. I saw beauty not danger and never looked up till I recorded the darkness and light. The hidden world under foot in the desert. I still don’t look up, not from fear but the wonder of what lies below.

"My work is about love and endearment, without which none of my portraits would succeed. My gift is to capture what already exists without intrusion.” 

- Peter Nash


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