Thursday, October 5, 2023

New Book! Laying Stone by Bonnie Bostrom


Lay stones mindfully,
mosaic them into mandalas;
circles reflecting stories of heaven.

Laying Stone is a beautiful collection of full color art and poetry by Bonnie Bostrom. The large format of this book allows you to see the brushstrokes of the paint along the details of the images within her words and world. Bonnie Bostrom is the author of nine other books, The Way Showers, Women Facing Retirement: A Time For Self-Reflection, Quicksilver Dreams, Buddha Nature of The Southwest and Image and Word: A Dialectic, as well as Born Crazy, Love, Always Love, Duet and Uncommon Constants. She relishes time to paint and write as she lives happily in the Land of Enchantment with her husband, Jim. See more at

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