Mission Statement

Cholla Needles is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We are supported by private donations.

Cholla Needles is edited by r soos, previously editor of Seven Stars and Realities Library 1973-1998

Cholla Needles board members are Greg Gilbert, Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Tobi Alfier, Lisa Mednick Powell, Rose Baldwin, Bonnie Brady, John Sierpinski, Kim Martin, rich soos, Mike Vail, Justin Paszul, Charlie Speight and Francene Kaplan.

Cholla Needles publishes a monthly literary magazine and books by local and visiting writers who love the desert.

Cholla Needles hosts literary events, locally and elsewhere, by sponsoring and publicizing the works of local and visiting writers. 

Cholla Needles offers mentoring, workshops, and publishing activities for aspiring writers of all ages and provide free public access to our poetry, prose, and art library by appointment. 

Cholla Needles works with public, private, and municipal organizations to heighten awareness of the benefits provided by the arts in our daily lives.

Our motto: 

a poem is a mere cholla needle
imbedded painfully deep through the skin
when withdrawn the scar lengthens
and the pain worsens
time heals the pain
the scar remains forever.

We invite you to visit our on-line bookstore 
to stay updated on our newest releases. 

We encourage locals to visit 
Rainbow Stew in Yucca Valley
Space Cowboy in Joshua Tree
Raven's Book Shoppe in Twenty-Nine Palms

See you at the magazine release party and reading!!!