Saturday, June 15, 2019

Brian Beatty On Frank Stanford

Borrowed Trouble: Micro Tribute to Frank Stanford (1948-1978)

I wouldn’t write at all if it weren’t for myriad writers before me whose works showed me what was possible. The poems of this series are small offerings of respect, of thanks, to those muses. – Brian Beatty

Frank Stanford

The crook of the moon
silhouettes the owl
in the tree though not
the snake curled below.

The lukewarm tea
he sips at the barn door
tastes mysteriously

like homemade whiskey.
He chokes down the night

then coughs up God.

– Brian Beatty

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  1. Stanford's outsiderness and prolific output of poems have inspired me since I first discovered his work. To me he represents the terrific possibility of a life in poetry as well as a tragic loss.


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