Sunday, June 2, 2019

Old book - Reprinted. Selected Poems by r soos (1965-2015)

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I keep my world small
family books home and food
very small poems
"r soos is an acute observer of the worlds he comes in contact with. He translates both his inner and outer world with equal grace and fluency. His poems soar into a soulful playground and swing across the page visiting subjects and returning, then off again a bit higher visiting a new thought. Later he is caught swinging back to a vivid recalling of a thought or incident worth reporting on. His "Selected Poems" is a powerful, intelligent selection from 50 years of work." - Antony Paulson, editor of Poetry Review

r soos was the editor of Seven Stars Literary Magazine, published by Realities Library from 1973-1998. Seven Stars was a monthly magazine. Realities Library also published over 100 books of poetry through the years.
He is currently the editor of Cholla Needles Literary magazine, published in Joshua Tree, CA by Cholla Needles Arts & Literary Library.

Re-formatted, reprinted & new cover by Arek Socha.

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