Tuesday, April 20, 2021

April Virtual "Open Readings" for Poetry Month 2021

Welcome to our April 2021 Shelter-In-Place Video "Open Readings". A huge thanks is due to all the folks who have participated either as audience or as featured readers in our Cholla Needles Zoom Shelter-In-Place readings. I am pleased that we are able to continue these video experiences to share with each other until we can meet again in person. I can honestly say hearing your voices is keeping me sane. 

If you are browsing our pages, we consider YOU a part of our family and you are welcome to become part of our Shelter-In-Place video pages. Simply contact us at editor@chollaneedles.com & ask how to get your videos posted on our pages. You can also use this address to send us your poetry, short stories, essays, and art for publication in our monthly magazine. 

I am both amazed and thankful to discover that of the thirty-one poets represented below for Poetry Month 2021, nineteen of them have books available from Cholla Needles, and a few have more than one book available. 

Good Times!!! Click here for information on watching our Sunday Zoom Show live at 3 - 3:30 PM each week. In the meantime, enjoy the videos:

Welcome To The Cholla Needles Zoom Party

Heather Morgan reads The Iron Man And His Puddle

Miriam Sagan reads Two Poems and Three Haiku

Steve Braff reads from Exodus Remix

Pamela Peery reads Old Roads And Empty Corrals

Peter Jastermsky reads five one line Haiku

Jean Paul L. Garnier reads Two Poems

Allyson Jeffredo reads from Even Gods

Three Poems from Speech Scroll

Mike Vail reads Two Poems

Gracie Wilson reads Bukowski

Kent Wilson reads Four Poems

Caryn Davidson reads Storyteller

John Sierpinski reads Three Poems

Cindy Rinne reads Poems

George Howell reads Two Poems

Cynthia Anderson reads Two Poems

Francene Kaplan reads Two Poems

Dave Benson reads Ten Short Poems

Ruth Nolan reads Poems

Mark Evans reads My Skin Is Not A Tattoo

Kurt Schauppner reads Two Poems

Greg Wyss reads Two Poems

Susan Abbott reads Two Villanelle and Mirage

John Brantingham reads Two Poems

Kelsey Bryan-Zwick reads Three Poems

Kendall Johnson reads Two Poems

Lauren Henley reads Wonder

Jonathan Maule reads Language

Noreen Lawlor reads Two Poems

Steve Perry reads Three Poems

Romaine Washington reads Two Poems

Billy F. Gibbons reads Desert High

Good Times!!! Thanks for watching!!!

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