Thursday, April 1, 2021

Cholla Needles Spring Youth Issue 2021 Released for National Poetry Month!

The cover is by Yemili Yepez

This is the fifth annual Young Writers and Artists issue published by Cholla Needles Arts and Literary Library, with much assistance from Ernest Alois. We thank the entire community for your support of these young folks. A special thanks to the local patrons who made the financial donations possible to make sure our Morongo Basin young writers receive the recognition they deserve.

The artists and writers who appear within are: Lukas Beaudoin, Jessica Raff Benjamin, Ryder Brakebill, Ayla Budd, Jack Cavallario, Tala Christensen, Madison Critchfield, Amiel Escobal, Avalon Fredrickson Ford, Kaylee Harper, George Hogan, Emily Husted, Naomi Johnson, Jacob Lamar, Makakoa Leapaga, Azaria McKinnon, Ava Monroe, Destiny Prudholme, Vinna Raines, Emma Ramos, Olivia Rees, Antonia Richards, Shriya Roy, Dorothea Snider, Sammantha Tribue, Calvin Winn, Yamili Yepez

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