Sunday, March 6, 2022

Cholla Needles: Young Writers and Artists Spring 2022!


Edited with Mary Cook-Rhyne of the Mojave Desert Land Trust

Featuring the work of these writers and artists who will soon be filling the bookstore shelves with new books and dreams: Albert Alameda, Jazlene Alexander, Sebastian Ayllon, Andrea Avila, Sophie Beltran, Laysha Cazares-Morales, Frania Cinco, Jameson Chappell, Daphne Cook-Rhyne, Rodin Cook-Rhyne, Manny Delgado, Jim Derry, Marie Fleming, Alberto Garcia, Danilo Gomes, Maria Gonzales, Clay Green, Kaylee Harper, Cosette Holcombe, China Jacombe, Sally Jerome, Naomi Johnson, Sarah Lynn Kalen, Charles Kennedy, Kennedy Knight, Kathryn McDonald, Kaleena Lu Martin, Anthony Manalad, Mia Medina, Charles Michaelson, David Michaelson, Ava Nash, Anna Norte, Robert North, Dominic Peders, Eva Ravada, Barbara Ridge, Lucas Ronquillo, Antonia Richards, Ollin Sanchez, Destiny Savelio, Roy Sills, Kyle Somers, Belle Taylor, Dhruti Vargue, Shirley Vernon, Zoey Ryan Amaro Vidrio, Sofia Villasenor, Zoe Wang

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