Sunday, March 6, 2022

New Book! Words I Dance With by Antonia Richardson

Antonia Richardson was born in Joshua Tree. She lives in Landers, Joshua Tree, and Yucca Valley with her mom, dad, and grandmother. Her constant companion is her sister. Antonia is homeschooled by her three teachers and moves between homes to learn new ways from each of her teachers. This book has taken her four years to write, and is her graduation gift to her teachers and sister.

"The winds have been powerful this year, telling new stories my sister and I are hearing and talking about. We feel the stories may be guiding us toward a new path. For now we are simply absorbing them while the wind is sharing. Thank you for taking this journey with me." - Antonia


 at noon my shadow hides beneath my feet
the sun strikes my shoulder with a song

 as my dance begins I see my shadow
when I leap from boulder to boulder

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