Tuesday, May 3, 2022

New Book! Hearts Without Sleeves by Jonathan Ferrini

Jonathan Ferrini is a regular contributor of short stories to Cholla Needles, and we are excited to publish his first collection. The stories in this collection are fun to read as a group because the characters in each story are unique, and have a distinct voice. Jonathan is able to bring each to life with a wonderful understanding that the locale of the each story is specific for the motivation and appreciation for the events in each character's life. 

Jonathan Ferrini resides in San Diego, California. He received his MFA in motion picture and television production from UCLA.

* * * *

I was born and raised in Pasadena, California.

My happiest childhood moments included watching vintage movies igniting my simmering creative passions. I’d often set out on my motorcycle into the wilderness. Upon reaching a crest, I’d turn off the motor and enjoy the breeze whipping up the forest fragrance, and meet many of its inhabitants.

My earliest memory of school was the telling of original stories to my classmates in the kindergarten sandbox.

My writing career began in a sandbox, lay dormant for decades, and resurfaced when my life’s journey provided abundant story material. - Jonathan

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