Saturday, May 7, 2022

New Books! Dreams Getting Away and Dropped By For Coffee by James Marvelle

James Marvelle continues on his exploration of the world around him in his poetry, tackling everything from ecology to having coffee with friends in word pictures. His poetry is drawn from many different aspects of the world around him because he has a deep fascination for everything in that world. We are blessed in his willingness to share his insights while watching a jogger on a path or a dog chasing a frisbee. He considers no idea too small or too large for poetry. We are richer because of that.

Fish In Flight

the osprey claws me
taken to flying a fish
the east sky burns out

he would hand out short poems
on packets of seed
hoping they’d start growing

- - - -

James Marvelle is a Rhode Island poet.

He grew up on an island.
There was always the ocean and the salt air.

He began writing at a tender age and
has traveled throughout the country.

His poetry is a daily wandering
through the paths he takes.

Today he is a new resident of Tybee Island in Georgia
where there is a community of artists and writers.

There are beaches and waves and
more paths to take.

The inspiration of the arts and artists have been woven into James Marvelle’s work. He has been published in a great variety of magazines, and is the author of a number of poetry chapbooks with Seven Stars and Realities Library. He has written seven recent full collections of poems, Lasting Notes (2017), Walking In The Light (2018), Morning Of Promise (2019), In The Quiet (2020) Morning’s Path (2021), Dreams Getting Away, and Dropped By For Coffee (2022) from Cholla Needles Arts & Literary Library in Joshua Tree, California.

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