Monday, May 1, 2023

New Issue! Cholla Needles 77!

Toti’s Book of Mother is a valuable tool for each of us learning yet again to experience grief for a friend or loved one – the grief that is not really for them, but for ourselves. Am I missing them on earth or desiring to be with them on their new journey? Philip Kobylarz challenges me to practice ‘simple not thinking’. The attempt feels irrational – even thinking of not thinking takes me to a new thinking dimension. Beatte Sigriddaughter takes me even deeper and brings the humor back into the daylight as she reminds me it’s all good because I am ‘learning’ from every writer and artist who challenges me.

The cover art and art between authors is by Nancy Brizendine.
This issue's words are from the the creative minds of:
Toti O’Brien
Philip Kobylarz
Beate Sigriddaughter
Mark T. Evans
Miriam Sagan
Duane Anderson
Francene Kaplan
Kent Wilson
J. Malcolm Garcia
Zary Fakete


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