Monday, April 1, 2019

Cholla Needles Young Writers & Artists 2019

Our beautiful cover is by T.J., a kindergarten student. 
He titled his art Rossis Can Brac.

Edited by r soos, Cynthia Anderson, Lynne Thelan, and Megan Meraz

Featuring the work of these young writers and artists who will soon be filling the bookstore shelves with new books and dreams: Elias Andre, Senna Andre, Andrew, Edith Armstrong, Mikey Arrellano, Ayn B., Briana Baskin, Kenyon Brazil, Alice Buracchio, Ari Carillo, Rylan Castillo, Laysha Cazares-Morales, Ariana Constant, Michael Curran, Adison D., Robert Davis, S.E., Kenny Edmonds, Barbara Elkins, Thomas Elkins, Mystie Ann Frey, Barbie G., Olivia G., Robert Grant, Andrew Gutierrez, Brianna Hall, Kaylee Harper, Justina Unong Harris, Katelyn Hedge, Ryder Hermanson, Areli Hernandez, Mariyah Hernandez, Mallory Hutchinson, Jake J., L.J., T.J., Zane K., Evan Kingston, Ellie Kobaly, Louisa L., Wesley L., Makayla Leach, Paul Leach, Mavin Lee, Kona Long, Lorianna M., Rick M., T.W.M., Hailey Manning, April Miller, Savannah Miller, Hailey Munsey, Hayley Nicholas, C.P., Nathaniel P., Ranja P., Serena P., Sharon P., Arthur Paulino, Caitlin Praxil, Alberto R., Anna R., Eva R., Katy R., Neaven Ramsay, Kendra Rester, Daphne Root, Billy Ross IV, Elena Santos, Celica Sentura, Gabe Sentura, Dakota Shealey, Baliegh Shepherd, Ella Sinclair, Katherin Tréjo, Jennifer Veles, Rebecca Valdez, Colton VanWagoner, John Wheeler, and Bobby Whitfield.

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  1. I want to see the books of this young writer could please share some source here and I am also looking for an professional wikipedia writers for books could you please help me?


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