Sunday, March 31, 2019

Simon Perchik - The Gibson Poems - New Book!

one hand
reaching for another and in the dark
you let your fingers unfold end over end
then close

The 216 poems in this collection would never be written except for the 216 photographs in the collection titled Deus Ex Machin by Ralph Gibson-Simon Perchik
Simon Perchik, an attorney, was born 1923 in Paterson, NJ and educated at New York University (BA English, LLB Law). His poems have appeared in various literary journals including Partisan Review, Poetry, The Nation, and The New Yorker.
“Perchik’s poetry allows past and present, familiar and fantastic, banal and bombastic to co-exist with creative tension. Perchik dives deep into the unconscious in his poetry and emerges with much that is beautiful and strange.” Washington Review
“These are poems with fresh insights sticking out all over them and they ought to give pleasure to anyone whose mind is still open to new poetry.” X.J. Kennedy
"The "meaning" in these poems resembles a fugitive glimpsed only as he vanishes around a corner, reappearing only as he turns the next corner, about to vanish. But he always returns...Perchik is truly a master." Robert Kramer, American Book Review.

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