Monday, March 4, 2019

New Book! Medusa Memories by Noreen Lawlor

Noreen Lawlor shares a true sense of wonder with life in her art and poetry. Her fifth book continues to explore how her art and poetry complement each other without depending on each other for their value. Her love of color is perfectly represented in this new collection. You'll find her identifying with the ancient past with Medusa, as well as her own living past with Dick Clark, and recent memories with a meditation on Chagall's Clothes.


I have learned to love my snakes, my hair
was once of silver moon beams made
now slithers, writhes and coils everywhere.

Their sweet sting, their silent tongues declare
a lullaby of serpents symphony they played
I have learned to sing my snakes, my hair

was once a cloud of curls turned nightmare
a stony heart still beating at your feet is laid
which slithers writhes and coils everywhere.

These locks the envy of the gods so fair
drape tentacles into old dreams that fade.
I have learned to dream my snakes, my hair

is now a wriggling mass of my despair.
The hiss and rattle turns warm flesh to jade
then slithers writhes and coils everywhere.

Their poisoned kisses linger here and there
in ears and eyes and cheeks where bade.
I have learned to kiss those snakes, my hair
which slithers writhes and coils everywhere.

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