Saturday, September 14, 2019

Open Reading: September 15, 5-7 at Space Cowboy in Joshua Tree

Your host for this open reading is Susan Rukeyser. Come early and check out the bookstore. Space Cowboy Books specializes in Science Fiction and Westerns, and does not neglect literature, philosophy, science, and whatever else people find to put in books. Your friendly book guide, Jean-Paul,  also stocks a great selection of classic poetry, along with a full section of books by local authors. He is also a publisher of local science fiction, and an author. 

The open reading will be held on the stage behind the store. Bring something of your own to read, or a passage that inspires you, or wax eloquent on your personal view of survival. You're also welcome to simply come and listen to your neighbors. The "plan" is for the entire community to come in, share, and simply have a good time! All ages invited, and every event is free! See you there =:-)

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