Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Survival Podcast - Recorded Live September 15, 2019

15 Local Writers in 30 Minutes! Enjoy =:-)

Susan Rukeyser, moderator
Rich Soos - poem of thanks
Mike Stillman - segment deleted
Dave Maresh - Fixer Upper
Ernest Alois - Personal Survival
Bonnie Brady - Swimming Upstream
Cynthia Anderson - Big Bobcat Eating
Rose Baldwin - After (by Stephen Dunn) 
Peter Jastermsky - Two Cherita
Laura Berry - Unexpected
Greg Gilbert - Behind The Dimly Lit Kitchen
John Brantingham - Agenda
Teddy Quinn - Border Kindness
Marie Bobbi - selection from Station Eleven
Jean-Paul L. Garnier -  Water
George Howell - The Wedding Ring In The Glovebox
Susan Rukeyser - Listen To What I Don’t Say

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