Monday, September 23, 2019

Third Podcast - Recorded Live September 20, 2019

If listening to the wind, sun & traffic was difficult for you on last week's show, wait till you get a hold of the kitchen, the espresso machine, the customers, and the laughing kids during this show! It's a great time - relax and listen to a half-hour from the Coyote Moon Café in Twenty Nine Palms =:-)

Douglas Tibbets - - A Love Prayer & First Glance
Mike Vail - The Salvation of San Juan Cajon
George Howell - The Firebug and the Stolen Water & Trazodone
Ellen Baird - Oceano & Letter From The Editor
Chantelle reads Memories by Bonnie Brady
Bernal Hornsby - Essential
Marie Bobin reads from Station Eleven
Friend of Douglas Tibbits reads Charlie Chaplin
Greg Tibbits - Unseen Legislators
Douglas Tibbits - Thinking of You
Greg Tibbits - Politics
Soos reads As the world reaches by Bukowski
Mike Vail - The Raven
George Howell - The Wedding Ring and the Glovebox
Greg Tibbits reads Trump by Turq Teischa
Friend of Douglas Tibbits - Voices Echo  
That's It!

Good times!

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