Friday, December 13, 2019

Open Reading: December 15, 3-5 at Space Cowboy in Joshua Tree!

The open reading will be held on the stage behind the store. Bring something of your own to read or a passage that inspires you. Prose is limited to two minutes. You're also welcome to simply come and listen to your neighbors. We invite the entire community to come in, share, and simply have a good time! All ages invited, and every event is free! See you there =:-) 

The celebration of the 80th anniversary of Lou Harrison's first publication is held jointly by the World Split Open Press, Harrison House, and Cholla Needles. Featuring 18 readers celebrating the love Lou was able to imbue into all his work. Come and enjoy the love!

Planned Readers:

Susan Abbott
Tanene Allison
Cynthia Anderson
Rose Baldwin
Bonnie Brady
Caryn Davidson
Anna Olivia Eve
Greg Gilbert
Gabriel Hart
George Howell
Peter Jastermsky
Dave Maresh
Kim Martin
Robert Morris
Susan Rukeyser
Kurt Schauppner
John Sierpinski
Eva Soltes
Rich Soos
Sylvia White


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