Thursday, July 2, 2020

July Shelter-In-Place Open Readings (Page 5)

It's July!!! This is Page Five of our exciting Cholla Needles Open Readings while sheltering-in-place. Each preceding page has approx 20 great videos.

Click here to visit our first page 
AND click here to visit page two 
AND click here to visit page three
AND click here to visit page four 

YOU are welcome to submit your video to this page. As the videos come in, I will add them to this page and update it. If you are a poet who wishes to have your work added to this page, send a link of yourself reading to editor(at) - replace the (at) with the symbol @. This keeps the robotic spam out of my email box. Thanks!

GREAT NEWS: Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree has shelter-in-place readings posted also!!! Click here to see them all.

Peter Jastermsky reading "Three Poems"

Susan Abbott reading "A Celebration"

Tobi Alfier reading "Guardian"

Anum Sattar reading “You See Through Me, I See Through You”

PJ Peery reading "Highway 15 Party Car"

Bruno Talerico reading "Desert Dragon"

Doreen Oberg reading from "Mile Markers"

Alex O'Meara reading from "Uganda"

Mark T. Evans reading "Repairs Of The Heart"

Tobi Alfier reading "The Language of Women"

Zola reading "Just A City Girl"

Bruno Talerico reading "Two Poems"

Tobi Alfier reading "High Tea"

Carrie Miller reads an "On The Road" story

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