Monday, May 11, 2020

Open Readings while sheltering in place 2

This is Page Two of our exciting Cholla Needles Open Readings while sheltering-in-place. Click here to visit our previous page which has over 20 other great videos.

Our poets are finding ways to communicate since we are unable to hold open air readings yet. As they come in, I will add them to this page and update it. If you are a poet who wishes to have your work added to this page, send a link of yourself reading to editor(at) - replace the (at) with the symbol @. This keeps the robotic spam out of my email box. Thanks!

Cynthia Anderson reading "Ode To A Pear"

Susan Abbott reading "Poem for Susan Rukeyser" =:-)

Ernest Alois reading "Desert Saloon"

George Howell reading "@This"

Miri Hunter reading "A Lesson In Economics"

Ginny Short reading "Three Tanka"

Pat Kearns performing "Low Wind Howling"

Dave Maresh reading "A Glow In The Pink Hours"

Richard Risemberg reading "This Box Of Souls"

Timothy Robbins reads three poems

Ernest Alois reading "Freedom Road"

Timothy Robbins reads three poems

Dave Maresh reading "Yosemite"

Miri Hunter reading "Illusions"

Ernest Alois reading "Lost Lenses"

Timothy Robbins reads two poems

Phog Masheeen and Skunk Puppet Shelter-In-Place Livestream 5/9/2020

Phog Masheeen is Mark Soden Jr and Francene Kaplan

Skunk Puppet is Eric Strauss

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