Saturday, May 2, 2020

New Book! Dogmander: Gogyohkas and Other Writings by Francene Kaplan

Observations Commentary and Questioning!

Dogmander presents Gogyohka and other poetry forms, with factual and fictional short stories. How do we get to where we are in life? Grit, chance, happiness, life cycle situations and responsibilities, questioning life’s crossroads, acquisition and loss all contribute to our being.

Francene’s perspective of desert culture is described depicting the woman who works at the dump, the local swap meet, the art of pack rats, extreme environmental conditions, how the desert changes people and how people change the desert.

This entertaining book of life includes full sections on animal life, canine personalities and true science fiction poetry.

Francene includes commentaries embrace starting, working in, and ending her career; reflections on society (past and present); not being understood by anyone; epiphanies and paradigm shifts; and yes, things that just piss her off!


Francene, a native Californian and desert lover, enjoys writing poems and short stories when not playing household percussion or creating weird mixed–media art. She loves all things animal, vegetable, and mineral, reading / watching Sci Fi, and organic gardening. Attaining far too much formal education, she thus shares tidbits of this knowledge to alternative high school students. She teaches science, psychology, sociology, health, and foods. Teaching composting workshops to communities in Southern California, has earned her the moniker of the "Priestess of Rot".

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