Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Book! Brian Beatty - Dust & Stars

"A minimalist, a folk singer and a comic walk into a bar....and they all find comfort, like I do, in the poems of Brian Beatty." – Alec Soth, Photographer
“Beatty’s kind and authentic, honest voice faces my own uncomfortable truths head-on. And in this sometimes hopeless world he proves to me he still knows how to cope.” — M Sarki, Author of Zimble Zamble Zumble and Mewl House
"Whenever I finish one of Beatty's poems, I always ask myself, ‘How in the hell does he keep delivering such humanity, poignancy, wisdom and wit in only a few short lines?’ My guess is that he takes a lot of poet steroids." — John Jodzio, Author of Knockout

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