Monday, April 23, 2018

New Book! Sucker Hole by John Sierpinski

John Sierpinski shows us that sucker holes come in many forms; from smooth water-washed stones in a girl’s small hand, to the smell of taffy and corndogs at the beach, to a numinous green circle of water, waiting beneath ice carved by fishermen. These deceptive sucker holes emerge from beautifully crafted oceans, waves, tsunamis of relentless grey. This is full-immersion poetry, involving all the senses. Grey has never been so colorful and evocative. Immerse yourself in the story of these poems and feel the magic in subtle glimmers of hope and strength: a domed planetarium with bone stars, chess players in Goodwill coats, and the writer and his father who do their “best to clear the big side mirrors.” - Sylvia Cavanaugh, author of Angular Embrace

In Sucker Hole, John Sierpinski reveals the gaping holes in families, relationships, life. Fortunately for us, the poet found his way through the darkness to send back visceral lines that hold onto the imagination for a long time. The poems demand full attention at every turn of the page and remind us that we are all “…members of an anonymous group, those who know a certain kind of pain.” - Lisa Vihos, Stoneboat Literary Journal

What I see in John Sierpinski's first collection of poetry is sublimity, symbolism, human ache, personal voice, a rich sparseness , and a tie to the reader that pulls the solar plexus -- an ache that resonates. His poem Museum Exhibit -- Titanic is vivid and temporal. The characters in the poem show, and do not tell, a story of history and the present. - Ellen E Baird, Editor of Howl Art and Literary Magazine.

John Sierpinski has published poetry in many magazines, including California Quarterly and North Coast Review. He lives in Yucca Valley, California along with his wife, Lynn. He hiked though and loved Joshua Tree a number of years ago. "I find the beauty of this area, spellbinding. I am also delighted to find a poetry and writing community here."
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