Sunday, April 8, 2018

Vince Bell - New Spoken Word CD!

Vince Bell's musical vision from the beginning has always been dripping with poetry, so it is a great pleasure to finally hear a full spoken word CD of his work. The poet joins the musicians with these words to start us off: 

A little poetry is dangerous.
Keep your eyes up in the sky.
Keep at it 'til the calvary has arrived.
There's not a very lot of us, but then there never was.

The second track continues with the same prophetic voice:

I can teach the dead to sing.
Privileged to share the tears with you.
Without haste, but without rest.
First time it's art. Second time it's showbiz.

Vince recites his poetry with a convincing depth of belief in his voice - he knows where he wants to take us, and pulls us in with total ease. As with all of his previous work, there are lines that jump out - sometimes in the middle of a poem/song/story, sometimes at the end - a great technique because it's an encouragement to start all over again and consider the previous words with this new information. A good example is "The hardest thing to do is nothing at all".

Tender philosophies abound: "It's a good thing life is not as serious as it seems to the waitress."

Invitations to live life to it's fullest: Take whatever you want. You can have what you find. Though you may leave nothing standing, the poetry is mine.

You may be tempted to think I "picked the best lines" from the CD to share here, and you'd be wrong - truly the whole CD is a listening experience, and I can also say that if this were a book of poems Vince was sharing with the world, I'd buy a copy of that also. As it stands now, he chooses to speak into our ears with some great musicians and singers supporting him. A special shout-out is due for Laura Cantrell for adding a touch of heaven to Vince's devil stance: if I was the Devil, you wouldn't know about it. 

Click here to buy the CD. You can also stream the CD and buy individual tracks should you choose. If you are new to Vince's work, you might also take some time to read his fantastic book One Man's Music:  

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