Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Special Issue! Cholla Needles: Young Writers And Artists Spring 2018

Featuring the work of these writers and artists 
who will soon be filling the bookstore shelves 
with new books and dreams:

Aaliyah Broussard, Aaron Pringle, Abigail Aubuchon, Aunalise Terreri, Brooke Torgeson, Chloe Nixon, Cody W. Warrick, Dakota Shealey , Dillon Lovejoy, Dimitri D’Amico-Gambino, Eden Bates, Eden Dufour, Eli Bates, Eli Wahlberg, Evalynn Large, Gavynn Shealey, Haylee Nicholas, Jacob Judd, James Pullins, Jaren Pendergrass, Jocelyne Wheeler, Josiah Demaray, Justin Wilson, Karissa Torgeson, Katie Dimoff, Kona Long, Landon Stitt, lowen baird, Maddison Hannah, Maggie Wellons, Maile Long, Mason Pulliam, Mateo Jacome, Nathan Lazarovitz, Nathen Velasco, Noah Walberg, Peyton Chandler, Samuel Nankervis, Shaina Landers, Steven Stogner, Sydney Hanson, T. I. Jones, Vanessa Godoy, Wyatt Lotz, Zackary Slotta

We encourage our neighbors to buy Cholla Needles books at Rainbow Stew, Space Cowboy, and Raven's Books. Support our local distributors!

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