Sunday, February 21, 2021

February Virtual "Open Readings"

 Welcome to our February 2021 Shelter-In-Place Video "Open Reading". A huge thanks is due to all the folks who have participated either as audience or as featured readers in our Cholla Needles Zoom Shelter-In-Place readings. I am pleased that we are able to continue these video experiences to share with each other until we can meet again in person. I can honestly say hearing your voices is keeping me sane. 

If you have a video you'd like to share, please - send me a note & let me know. We consider this a community page, and is not limited to only our "featured readers". This spot is here to help us experience the love of great writing until we can meet together in one spot again.

If you are browsing our pages, we consider YOU a part of our family and you are welcome to become part of our Shelter-In-Place video pages. Simply contact us at & ask how to get your videos posted on our pages. You can also use this address to send us your poetry, short stories, essays, and art for publication in our monthly magazine. 

Good Times!!! Click here for information on watching our Sunday Zoom Show live at 3 - 3:30 PM each week. In the meantime, enjoy the videos:

Kelsey Bryan-Swick reads In The Wild

Caryn Davidson reads Conjugation

Ernest Alois reads Desert Saloon

John Sierpinski reads Floppy Hats

Ruth Nolan reads from Cholla Needles 51

Heather Morgan reads Promises

Dave Benson reads Soul Soup

Jeff Alfier reads New Iberia

Tobi Alfier reads Cape Blitz

Michael G. Vail reads Desert Elegy

Mark Evans reads Bonesaw

Enid Osborn reads Three Poems 
from When The Big Wind Comes

Ginny Short reads Landscape of Drought

George Howell reads The Hole In The Night

Cindy Rinne reads Open Eyes

Noreen Lawlor Reads Two Poems

Kelsey Bryan-Zwick reads Dark Star

Caryn Davidson reads Spike

Ernest Alois reads Freedom Road

John Sierpinski reads Gypsies In Bulgaria

Ruth Nolan reads Firestorm, Southern California

Heather Morgan reads Green In The Dead Part

Dave Benson reads Re-Evolution

Jeff Alfier reads A Map of Vaughn, New Mexico

Tobi Alfier reads A Lifetime Ago

Michael G. Vail reads My Old Man

Kurt Schauppner reads from Mary's Confession

Enid Osborn reads Dirt

Ginny Short reads
two poems about her mother

George Howell reads
Dreaming About The Dead

Cindy Rinne reads Climb Tumble Dance

Noreen Lawlor reads Equinoccio

Allen Ginsberg reads Hum Bom!

Raymond Antrobus reads Happy Birthday Moon

Kelsey Bryan-Zwick reads My Name

Caryn Davidson reads Intermission

Ernest Alois reads Lost Lenses

John Sierpinski reads Prague, The Palace Hotel

Ruth Nolan reads Three Poems

Heather Morgan reads My Last Surgeon Told Me

Dave Benson reads Two Poems

Jeff Alfier reads Mojave County

Tobi Alfier reads from
Symmetry - Earth and Sky

Michael G. Vail discusses Writing

Jean-Paul L. Garnier reads Betelgeuse Dimming

Kim Moore reads And the Soul

Ginny Short reads Only Dust

George Howell reads The Scientist

Cindy Rinne reads Cycle of Incarceration

Noreen Lawlor reads Morongo Preserve

Allen Ginsberg reads Elegy for Neal Cassady

See you again in March!!!!

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