Sunday, February 28, 2021

New Book! High Desert Elegy by Michael G. Vail


“In this collection, Mike Vail reveals and celebrates his deep appreciation for the landscape of the Mojave Desert and the people who inhabit it. His poems and stories are wry, poignant, accessible, and strongly evocative of both time and place.” Lorie Smith Schaefer, Author of Us, Now and Then

“Whether in his short stories or poems, Michael G. Vail’s writing is captivating--poignant, but always upbeat.” Barbara Wu Heyman

“Filled with vivid details and memorable characters, Vail’s writing draws you in and captures your heart! I laughed, I cried, I nodded in agreement…and wondered what would be coming next.” Julie Boesch

“Vail’s short story, ‘The Moaning Cave’, will take its place alongside the spookiest of modern legends.” Janet Dixon

“I love how easily I’m drawn into the stories. Each one like a different ride in an amusement park—and leaving me looking forward to more. Bravo!” Lonnie Hahn

“Have you ever thought of everyday life as an adventure? You will find out about that side of life in High Desert Elegy, a collection of thought-provoking stories and poems by Michael G. Vail.” Adela Xu

“A master at capturing a solid sense of place through his visual and poetic narratives, Vail takes the reader into experiences that touch your heart and soul.” Julie Zimmerman

“Michael G. Vail’s writing is emotional and very personal. He reminds us of our frailties, and inspires us to look in the mirror.” Bruce Yeoman

“These poems and short stories are heart-warming and heart- wrenching.” Carol Webster

“The expressive quality of Vail’s writing demonstrates a unique and compelling perspective that showcases his raw storytelling and unconventional voice.” Kay Hamann

“Vail has such a wonderful way of painting images with words and creating intricate moods using minimal language.” Joan Robey

“The writing in High Desert Elegy is measured, careful and artistic. And it’s all that even as Vail’s pulling you into something that’s fun and yet revealing of the ethereal nature of human behavior and emotion.”Steve Stajich

“Michael G. Vail’s writing is smart, direct and unflinching. He details the lives of people you might recognize, sometimes sadly so. These moving stories and poems are both beautiful and brutal, like the Mojave Desert’s summer sun.” Kent Wilson

“Touching, contemplative and at times stark, Vail’s work is always engrossing and entertaining. High Desert Elegy is a stirring read.” Karl Bradley

“Stop whatever you’re doing and get High Desert Elegy. You will not be sorry. Michael G. Vail’s words allow you to lose yourself in the stories and poems he creates.” Myrna Vallely

“The stories and poetry are gritty slices of life. Not always about big life events, but they each represent a turning point or a moment to reflect for the characters. Much of Michael G. Vail’s body of work looks at the darker side of the human experience: love, lust, hate, abuse, death, fear, to name a few. Through these peeks into the lives of others, we are reminded of our own life experiences and choices. Vail’s writing draws a response out of the reader and leaves you with much to think about.” Joylyn Davis

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