Sunday, February 28, 2021

Two New Books! Peel The Sun & Paper The Sun by Simon Perchik

Two New Books: Peel The Sun & Paper The Sun

As if with a beginner's scissors
you peel the sun and on your arms
each strip hung out to dry ̶ you too

need steps, reaching up to plant
the way all grapevines clasp
something still damp, careful
how to fold and your child's sleeves
almost singing, almost
one holds the other, up, up and you

are picking a small blouse
already pink, opening
for your warm mouth and wings.

You paper the sun ̶ with both hands
bury the ashes though the time hasn't come
for shadows ̶ what you darken

sooner or later becomes your fingertips
still warm, wanting to spread
as winters, be harvested

from a sky already half stone
half so often covered with snow
̶ you cling to a grave

that has no grass yet
is setting out and for a while
across the ground and the others.

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Simon Perchik, an attorney, was born 1923 in Paterson, NJ and educated at New York University (BA English, LLB Law). His poems have appeared in various literary journals including Cholla Needles, Partisan Review, Poetry, The Nation, and The New Yorker.

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