Monday, February 1, 2021

Book Review: Shadow on the Minotaur by Miriam Sagan

REVIEW: Shadow on the Minotaur by Miriam Sagan 
Red Mountain Press, ISBN: 978-1952204050

This wonderful little book arrived at our library yesterday with a one word command handwritten on the title page: "Enjoy!" Why not? I thought I'd keep it by my desk for the next week or so and read it though.  Well, last night when I sat down to read it I found I was unable to put it down. Sagan's writing and story line sucked me directly into Thea's world, and I found myself captivated. At some point my eyes closed to dream my version of the ending, and I woke up this morning with page 86 open on my lap. So I picked it up and read the rest of the book the way Sagan wrote it. I can't tell you if it matched my dream or not. I slept soundly.

The narrative is easy to follow, yet unlike any narratives I have read before. Thea is the main character and speaks very little though the first part of the book. We meet her through the eyes of others and learn to enjoy their company and hers even though they disappear after they've had their say. This is explained - at this point in her live Thea is not expecting characters to be permanent. The cab driver who introduces us to Thea drops her off and "as he drove toward his next passenger, her forgot about Thea." As readers we do not know when we turn the page if the main character will be Thea or the cab driver.

We quickly find out that we'll be living with Thea throughout the book. She has a past she is anxious to forget, and we live with her during a time she has decided she will never heal from, but she is willing to survive whatever life throws at her next. Sagan's narrative leaves itself open for the reader to decide if this is reality complete with delusions, or fantasy. I love the way Sagan leaves it to me to decide for myself. Early on in the book we learn how Thea's struggles are universal, and why we need to finish the book. Thea enters a yoga studio with 10 other women in the class "like a novel, with each person carrying a story, hidden pain, hidden strength."

I recommend this book, and it is available here in our library along with many other books by Miriam Sagan. You'll find it on shelf D6. Email me first to be sure no one else has it at the moment. If you love Mike's Magic Burgers by Rose Baldwin, you'll definitely enjoy this story. 

Good times! 

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