Monday, October 8, 2018

New Book! - Afflatus by Greg Gilbert

Greg Gilbert is a tender-hearted observer and puckish philosopher; his intelligence and love of language shine through this engaging collection of poems. - Dr. Catherine Svehla

Greg Gilbert’s poetry addresses timeless questions with a voice that playfully juxtaposes classical with contemporary. Each verse’s rhythm and the timing of each stanza make reading his poems a musical mystical experience. - Veronica Daley Zaleha

With humility and a twinkling sense of humor, Gilbert's poems seek to illuminate the divine moments of the everyday, tenderly calling our attention to both the ironies and the lessons of the present moment. These are poems born of a life devoted to reflection, questioning, and an unflinching attention to the rawest parts of society. The details shine. - Lauren Henley

In Afflatus, Greg Gilbert demonstrates his mastery of language, taking us on meticulously crafted journeys “to the temple of the temporal”—and inviting us, in no uncertain terms, to “WAKE UP!” On the way, he invokes Lao Tzu and the Buddha, Jesus and Ginsberg, Medusa and Sir Thomas Malory, friends, family, and students. These poems dance on the brink of the apocalypse while urging us to sit together, listen to each other, and transform our world. - Cynthia Anderson

In this marvelous collection of Greg Gilbert’s stunning poems be prepared for a magical journey from Buddha to Ginsberg and back. His eclectic verse ranges from galaxies to Route 44, observing with precision the complex and paradoxical structures of our modern world. A compassionate intelligence informs and fills every line, carrying the reader into an unexpected awareness of the subtle layers of meaning and emotion that lie beneath the fleeting here and now. Reading these poems that move past observation to participation in life every reader will be profoundly enriched. - Mike Green

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  1. He writes fantastic poetry. Tweeted.

    1. Thank you, Mari. That's high praise indeed from such an accomplished and prolific author.


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