Saturday, October 6, 2018

New Book! The Salvation of San Juan Cajon by Michael G. Vail

You'd think building a new school would be pretty straightforward, right? You'd be wrong. Michael G. Vail takes us on the tangled journey of local education politics that surrounds the brick and mortar. - Jeff Vincent, Director, Public Infrastructure Initiative, University of California, Berkeley

In 'The Salvation of San Juan Cajon', Michael Vail masterfully weaves the realities of public school development in urban California communities with a wonderfully-crafted story about a man's struggles with his love for his profession and personal deficiencies with a runaway-son. The story is touching and leaves the reader wanting more. - Barbara Wu Heyman
"Fresh and original! 'The Salvation of San Juan Cajon' tells a riveting tale that reveals the behind the scenes interplay of education, politics and community relationships as one school district strives to serve its students." - Julie Boesch, Superintendent, Maple School District

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