Friday, October 5, 2018

New Book! Slices Of Alice by Tobi Alfier

I am so glad I read your beautiful, exquisite character studies. They are filled with so much love. It is the kind of love that many so-called romantics miss by a mile. They are all too willing to believe that love is about torture, drama, ignoble passion and oft-times tragic endings. My feeling is that love between two adults can be the last defense against the random unkindness of everyday life and others. When you see an elderly couple watching each other with adoring eyes, smitten, attached by an unseen light that sparks between just the two of them, it is because of the hardships, the goodness, the dull times, and inevitable withering of the body that the luminosity surrounding them exists.
You nailed it! Love, that is. . .
Catherine DeWolf
Writer, Poet, Jewelry Designer

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