Saturday, October 6, 2018

New Book! A Slipknot Into Somewhere Else

"A Poet's Journey To The Borderlands Of Dementia"

A master poet explores the linguistic world of Alzheimer's. With patience and love, Michael demonstrates logical thought patterns which develop meaning when a listener gives the speaker space and time. Once you've taken this journey with Michael, you'll discover the diagnosis of dementia much less overwhelming for caregivers and family. - r soos, poet
Review from A Days Encounter
Brownstein’s poetry comes alive in a number of exciting ways. The introduction actually takes us on a journey into the head of an individual with dementia with lines of imagery that are both vivid and thought provoking.

We found ourselves in the hands of someone who seemingly knows how the mind works, and wanders; how it can focus, and then go off to another plain; how it discovers, and then recovers:
Between the introduction and the conclusion, are a number of poems full of breathpause, daybreak, dysfunctionality, mismatched bone alignments, breathbrake, blackouts insomnia, and advocate of a life-inadequacy. From the first poem “Noise” to the last one, “Home”, there is much to enjoy and much to ponder over. - Lennie Cox,

I decided to try out this book. I’m not really big on poetry. Michael Brownstein has converted me. I’m going to begin reading poetry. - Stan Bolden, response to review on

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